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The San Siro

San Siro, also known as Giuseppe Meazza Stadium, is the the main and official stadium dedicated for all AC Milan's home matches. Former AC Milan president Piero Pirelli was the one to build the San Siro Stadium as a gift to the city of Milano (AC Milan). thirteen months and a half was the duration of completing this historical stadium that cost Pirelli 5 million Italian Liras (AC Milan). The stadium was first built to fit 35 thousand fans and it saw the derby between the all-time rivals AC Milan and FC Internazionale Milano for the first time (AC Milan). This Derby that stays till this day one the most rivalary football matches is called Derby Milano or Derby Della Madonnina.

Later on, the stadium got its improvements after selling it to the city of Milano which in turn decided to enlarge it and boost its capacity (AC Milan). "In 1954 works for the second enlargement started, and were completed twelve months later, with the inauguration on October 26th, 1955: the San Siro capacity was extended to 85 thousand seats." (AC Milan). Till these days, "Stadio San Siro" is concidered one of the largets football stadiums in Europe and the world and still maintaining its 85 thousand seats shared between Internazionale and Milan fans.

San Siro Stadium loaded with Milan fans

The photo above displays a panorama of the San Siro stadium during a Milan matchday.

By Georging - Self-photographed, Public Domain, Link

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